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Vazquez Commercial Contracting is one of the best contractors I have ever worked with. I would rate this contractors overall performance as outstanding. My office has used Vazquez Commercial Contracting on multiple projects. We have never had an issue with the quality of work, labor standards compliance, safety compliance, submittals, schedules, their management team, or employee's. They have completed all their projects within the schedule, on budget, and with above average quality of work. They are easy to work with and I would highly recommend this contractor.

Project Manager, Kansas City South Field Office, US General Service Administration

Construction was completed with a quality focus, two months ahead of schedule, with zero modifications, a perfect safety record, and on budget.” Throughout the course of this project, Mr. Vazquez and his entire team have demonstrated an exceptional level of customer service and attention to detail. I can state without reservation that this is an enthusiastic, helpful, and energetic contractor. It was a pleasant surprise to arrive onsite and notice that, in addition to completion of their scope, the Vazquez crew had also mowed a yard of overgrown weeds, cleared vines from a long stretch of fence, cleared trash from around the site, provided several fence caps and fixed a sagging portion of fence, with no request for additional compensation. Submittals, payrolls, and other documents were consistently submitted correctly and on-time, as well.

Project Engineer; USACE; USARC Repair Security Violations at New Century, KS